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How to Choose an ATS to Work with Your Background Screening Firm


Are you hiring?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Rest assured, you are not alone!  Every company that hires new talent faces a common challenge of how to effectively recruit new job candidates that best fit the company’s needs. Relax, there is an automated solution that can greatly reduce the time it takes to fill your open positions and that streamlines many of these steps. 

How To Choose an ATS,, Background Screening

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that automates the recruitment and hiring process and provides hiring managers with the tools they need to manage and monitor the hiring process. The big question, however, is which ATS to use? There are literally hundreds of ATS options to choose from, all offering a bewildering array of features and benefits.

Before stepping into the rapidly growing and sometimes confusing ATS marketplace, let Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) help. As a provider of background checks since 1997, ESR has years of experience in working closely with ATS providers.

Please complete the form below and let ESR assist you in selecting the right ATS provider for your company. You will receive the complimentary whitepaper "How to Choose an ATS to Work with Your Background Screening Firm" by ESR Founder and CEO Attorney Lester Rosen that reviews mission critical factors that employers should consider when choosing an ATS to automate their recruitment and hiring process. Download this whitepaper using the form below.

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