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Pilot Record Improvement Act (PRIA) and Aviation Background Checks

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) has extensive experience and expertise in providing pre-employment screening services for aviation and for checks required by the FAA to comply with PRIA. The services available through ESR are: FAA Records Check comprised of an individual Pilot Profile Letter, a) Medical Certificate verification containing issue date, class and any limitations, b) Airman certificate verification, containing level, category, class, and type ratings, c) Summaries of closed FAA legal enforcement actions resulting in a finding by the Administrator of a violation that was not subsequently overturned. Previous Air Carrier Employer Records Check containing 5 years of records pertaining to the individual, including drug and alcohol, if applicable and the individual’s professional performance as a pilot. A query of the National Driver Registry (NDR) includes information such as revocation, suspension and DUI information about the pilot’s vehicle driver’s license.

Although Air Carriers can comply with the basic requirements in-house, many covered employers elect to outsource this service to a third-party firm so they can manage the numerous processes involved in compiling a PRIA report. Many air carriers request additional background screening information to the basic PRIA requirements, including criminal checks, credit reports, ten year employment history and others which are done more quickly and efficiently by third-party experts who have developed the tools, resources and specializeed knowledge that are needed.

Helpful Link: The FAA provides information about PRIA at the following link. Check to see if your pilots, flight attendants or mechanics require PRIA checks.

How to get started: Contact Employment Screening Resources (ESR) at 888-999-4474 or use  ESR must have a signed agreement before any services can be performed. ESR will provide all the necessary forms and instruction on how to fill them out.

Please note: ESR does not provide legal or consulting service regarding what employers are covered by PRIA, or the exact compliance requirements. Although ESR has substantial experience in obtaining and providing complete PRIA packages, ESR only acts as a third party service provider for a covered employer.

 For an outstanding article on background checks for aviation from Aviation Week quoting ESR , see article.

Aviation Airline Screening (PRIA)

Air Carrier Services

Pre-employment Screening Services

Individual Services:

Prices for services DO NOT INCLUDE fees or charges imposed by some courts, employers, schools, institutions, data services (such as the “Work Number for Everyone”), or governmental agencies.

For non-automated third party fees, such as employment or educational verifications, ESR's cost also includes a handling fee.

There is a $100.00 minimum order requirement. PRIA air carrier employment verifications include certified letters to employers who don’t respond within the appropriate time frame. Services include assembly of completed components into a complete report.

For more information, contact ESR.

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