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Civil Records  

Service Summary

ESR performs federal civil case searches through the federal judiciary’s Public Access to Court Electronic Records electronic access system and state level civil case searches at the primary court house of the county in question. ESR provides, where available, the date of filing, case type, case number or file record, jurisdiction, plaintiff and defendant information, and case outcomes.

Reason You Need This Information

This search helps discover whether your applicant has sued former employers or has been sued for reasons that are relevant to employment. It tells Date of filing, case type, case number or file record, jurisdiction and; if available, identity of parties involved.

Limitations/Notes on Using This Information

Civil records should be approached with caution and have limitations. An employer should only use this information where it is relevant to a job. Civil records can be problematic because the record may not be associated with any county where a person has lived or work due the nature of the rules on where civil cases can be filed. A person may be involved in a civil suit outside of a location where the person has lived or worked. Civil cases can be filed in both federal court and county courts.    There is not a national database of all civil cases. Many cases settle, and jury verdicts or written Court decision only apply to a very small percentage of civil cases that are filed.   In addition, in order to determine if the civil case belongs to an applicant, or is relevant to employment, it is usually necessary to pull and analyze actual court records.  However, if the case has been settled out of court, details may not be in the court file. If a civil case is located, ESR is able to pull the file and review to provide additional information. There is typically a fee charged by the court to copy court files.

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