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Volunteer Screening for Non-Profits

Does your organization have a convicted criminal or registered sex offender within its workforce or volunteers? What due diligence are you providing for your organization to ensure a safe workplace for everyone? Employment Screening Resources (ESR), your Safe Hiring Partner, provides background screening services specializing in the non-profit, youth, church, and volunteer organizations. The ESR Volunteer Check helps non-profit and volunteer organizations stay safe, mitigate risk, and avoid potential liability lawsuits and costly legal damages while protecting against the likelihood of theft, sexual misconduct, and violence. Along with standard ESR background screening services, solutions include:

  • Non-Profit Background Checks
  • Church Background Checks
  • Summer Youth Camp Staff Checks

ESR provides volunteer screening solutions for non-profit organizations of all types and sizes by checking available resources such as sex offender registries, county courts, and utilizing an address information manager as a pointer for additional locations to check for criminal records. By partnering with LawRoom, the leading experts on online training, a church or volunteer group more effectively manages the screening process by combining an online course on Shielding the Vulnerable with screening, saving time and money by having the volunteers go online and enter their own data, and creating a “disbarment” list so all offices know if they are dealing with a person previously rejected. Services include:

Basic Volunteer Safety 1st Package

  • Criminal: Search of selected criminal court records, state criminal repositories, probation, prison parole and release files using our National Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Database.
  • Sex Offender: These datasets are derived from the state-maintained registries. It is important to note that each originating agency determines what is to be public information at that time. Not all states will release its registry in its entirety. Some will only release those offenders that have been deemed a public threat. On occasion states will redefine policies which can either increase or decrease the offenders that are made available.
  • Residence addresses: Search for the volunteer’s or employee’s previous residence addresses.
  • Social Security: Search that the SSN has been issued and whether other names are associated with the same SSN.

Important Notice: There are a number of states where the Safety First Database by itself may not be a sufficient search due to insufficient coverage.  In those states, ESR strongly recommends that a Safety First search be combined with a search of the consumer's county of residence as well at a minimum.  Your organization should review these matters with ESR. It is also important to understand that a background check all by itself will not keep children safe.  A background check should be utilized in conjunction with a number of other best practices to keep your organization a safe place.

Standard Volunteer Safety 1st Package

  • Basic Volunteer Safety 1st Package
  • County Criminal Court Search: Search of criminal court records at the central court for the current county of residence. (In some jurisdictions a statewide is available and is subject to fees charged by the source of the data.)

Extended Volunteer Safety 1st Package

  • Standard Volunteer Safety 1st Package
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search: Driving records provided by the state department of motor vehicles.

Optional a la Carte Services

  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • County Criminal Search
  • Alias County Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records Search
  • National Criminal Search
  • Alias National Criminal Search
  • Volunteer Safety 1st
  • State Sex Offender Search
  • Alias State Sex Offender Search
  • Social Security Trace
  • Statewide Criminal Search
  • Alias Statewide Criminal Search

To learn more, Contact ESR.

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