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Employment Screening Resources (ESR) provides background screening services specializing in schools, colleges, and universities. ESR helps verify the certification, training, and educational claims such as dates of attendance and graduation, degrees or certifications obtained, and majors studied of a job applicant. ESR protects against false educational claims, degree mills, and diploma mills.

Along with standard ESR background screening services, solutions include:

Additional information and resources may be found at:

To determine if a school is legitimate and accredited, first search the two websites below:

If a school does not appear in the above sites, search for known diploma mills using the following lists:

Employers should keep in mind that there is no comprehensive, up-to-date list of degree mills. Fake schools can be set up overnight and fake schools are now setting up fake accreditation agencies.  If an employer cannot locate the schools on any site, it does not necessarily mean the school is a diploma mill since there are legitimate distance learning schools, vocational schools, and theological school that can grant degrees. An experienced background screening firm will always take steps to determine if a school is authentic.

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