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Education & License Verifications

Service Summary

Education Verifications

ESR educational verifications are available for high school diplomas, GED certificates, trade schools attendance, special skills schools certification, junior college associate degrees, four year college/university degrees, and master’s and doctorate degrees. All verifications are undertaken at the primary source such as the school they attended, state GED boards, or in some cases third party primary record holder such as The National Student Clearing House. Reports include dates attended, major/minor, year graduated, and degree, diploma, or certificate received as well as any special achievements and awards.

Professional License

ESR’s professional license verifications are available for any license issued by a state or federal licensing board or agency. ESR conducts primary source verifications of license held, current status, and expiration date with the licensing board in question. In addition to basic license verification, any additional certifications, restrictions, reprimands, or other license related information are also reported. Common license verifications include but are not limited to: CPA, Attorney, Teacher, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Physician, Psychologist, and Pharmacist.

Reason You Need This Information

This search confirms whether an applicant has the required credentials licenses or education claimed. There is a high rate of fraudulent education claims. Verifies the type of license; whether it is currently valid, dates issued, state; and licensing authority.  Education checks will verify dates of attendance and degrees.  ESR can also provide special background services, such as compliance with the Pilot Record improvement Act (PRIA).

Limitations/Notes on Using This Information

As with all pre-employment screening, it must be a valid predictor of job performance.  If a licensing agency or school cannot verify data, the applicant should be given an opportunity to explain before assuming the applicant has lied since there can be an explanation for a discrepancy.  Employers need to be aware of "diploma mills" that grant worthless degrees.  ESR goes through an extensive process to first verify if a school has been accredited.  If ESR cannot locate an accreditation, ESR will then go though a procedure to look for diploma mills.  ESR performs the verification process by contacting the school register offices schools.  Sometimes there can be a delay if a release or a fee is needed.  High school and GED requests are typically subject to delay since it often requires mailing a release and/or check.  Keep in mind that schools are on an academic schedule, and may be closed for breaks or summer vacations.  Some schools outsource their data to third parties, the ESR will contact on the employer's behalf, and an additional fee may be involved. Professional licenses are obtained by identifying and contacting the agency that issued the license.   ESR will attempt to ascertain the current status, the date granted and the date of expatriation.  If there are any negative history associated with a license, ESR will report that as well.

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