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Employment Reference Checks

What It Will Tell

This is a more in-depth reference check that seeks to identify job duties, performance, salary, strengths and weaknesses, eligibility for rehire, and other detailed information. (These are referred to an Investigative Consumer Reports and are not available as a service to firms in the state of Nevada).

Reason You Need This Information

This information allows an employer to have a realistic assessment of a candidate from former employers. It promotes a better fit, confirms the hiring opinion, and protects the expensive hiring investment.

Limitations/Notes on Using This Information

Although most employers would like references, few will give them due to concerns over legal liability. However, an employer should still attempt to obtain references in order to demonstrate Due Diligence. The trend is for employers to ask these questions before a hiring decisions is made and a background check conducted,  and to ask a screening firm to do factual verifications only in order to ensure that a full past employment history has been verified.  When an employer requests that ESR perform this service, ESR first verified that it has the most appropriate source to provide references.  ESR can ask custom reference questions.  If anything negative is conveyed, ESR takes steps to ensure that the  party  providing the information  is the  most knowledgeable to do so, or attempts to re-verify the information from  a secondary source.

Contact ESR

For more information, or to order this service, contact Employment Screening Resources (ESR).

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