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Employment Verifications

Service Summary

ESR performs primary source verification of previous employment that provides confirmation of position held, beginning and end dates, and rate of pay although information beyond these areas is frequently unavailable. Any additional information obtained during the verification such as performance, reason for departure, and rehire status is included in the report.

ESR’s employment verification process uses the industry standard of three (3) attempts to reach the past employer. ESR makes three attempts in three business days to make contact with an organization. If ESR receives no response at the end of the third day, on the fourth day the verification is closed as "No Reply" showing that three attempts with the Established Verifying Party (EVP) were made over three business days before closing. A Comments section may also provide a detailed explanation of the attempted verification.

If the employer outsources their employment verification to a third party record keeper, ESR only has access to the information held by that source but completion in these cases is virtually assured and results are available in less than 24 hours.

What it tells: Basic verification includes dates of employment, job title; and reason for leaving. Some employers will verify salary. Usually obtained from HR, Personnel or Payroll. Some employers have the information recorded on a 900 service.

Reason You Need This Information

This information confirms your applicant's resume; verifies his/her job history; helps eliminate any unexplained gaps in employment which ensures that appropriate jurisdictions have been checked for criminal records; and helps an employer demonstrate "due diligence" in their hiring practices.

Limitations/Notes on Using This Information

Employers are often hesitant to give recommendations and may limit prior employment checks to the basic information. However,just verifying the facts on the application can be very valuable.  This service can be limited if not allowed to contact current employer, if past employer is out of business or cannot be located, or if employee was working through an agency. There can be third party fees associated with employment verification, such as fees imposed by 900 services.  ESR first goes through a procedure to establish that the past employer is legitimate and independently establishes a phone number from the number the applicant provides in order to provide due diligence protection.  ESR then uses an approach of making three (3) solid attempts to the party that has been identified as the correct party, and will supplement those attempts with faxes and email as available. A "solid attempt" may be any of the following: 1) following up on a release sent to a Verifying Party; 2) speaking with or leaving a message with a Verifying Party; 3) a Verifying Party asking ESR to call back at another date/time, and; 4) obtaining a Verification of Employment (VOE) but waiting for a reference (Supervisor Interview). There are times when a past employer just will not call back, or the past employer has moved, merged or gone out of businesses.  ESR summarizes all attempts in a call history log showing who was called, when and the results of each call. Results can also be delayed if an employer request that a release be sent.   There are some employers that outsource their data to third party sources, and ESR will contact those services as appropriate.  Those services typically charge an additional fee.  An employer should never submit a current employer for verification.  All employers entered into the ESR system will be contacted.  If a current employer should not be contacted, that current employer should not be entered into the order system.

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