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Personal Reference Checks

Service Summary

ESR personal reference checks include information about the type and length of the subject’s relationship to the reference. As series of open ended questions designed to elicit information about a person’s traits, character, reliability, and shortcomings are directed to the reference during the call. As with employment verifications, ESR makes four attempts before closing the reference as not performable.

Reason You Need This Information

Personal references can provide valuable information as to a person's character as it relates to the job opening. We contact personal references to ascertain additional information about your applicant concerning fitness for the job in question.

Limitations/Notes on Using This Information

A personal reference check should also inquire about the applicant's relationship to the reference and how long they have known each other in order to evaluate the information. We can also contact "developed" references for a better picture.

Contact ESR

For more information, or to order this service, contact Employment Screening Resources (ESR).

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