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The Challenges of Safe and Smart Hiring

Employee & Background Screening Seminar - Amsterdam, Holland

February 02, 2012


Title: The Challenges of Safe and Smart Hiring

Where: Employee & Background Screening Seminar - Dauphine in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date/Time: February 2, 2012, 3:30 pm-7:00pm (15.30 to 19.00) Local Time

Keynote Speaker: Attorney Les Rosen, Founder & CEO Employment Screening Resources (ESR) - San Francsico Bay area, U.S.A.

The Challenges of Safe and Smart Hiring:

The seminar focused on Employee & Background Screening is brought to you by CV-OK and Integer Enterprise.

An inspiring afternoon for policy makers and early adopters from the corner of Risk Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Compliance, Legal. and Management from SMEs, Consultancy, and Intermediaries. There will be three speakers, including:

  • Attorney Les Rosen - Guru in the U.S. in the field of (pre) employment screening. Founder and CEO of Employee Screening Resources ( and author of "The Safe Hiring Manual." See:
  • Han Mesters ABN - Business Services Specialist with a strong focus and vision on the developments in the labor market flexibility and the new work. Han has published several white papers and is a frequent speaker. See:
  • Ton Wagemans - Expert in the field of information society and managing partner of Considerati. Considerati helps organizations manage challenges in the areas of regulatory, security, privacy, and communication. See:

 What do you get?

This seminar provides you with information and new insights that help to perfect the policy and process of pre-employment and employee screening in your organization.

Come to the seminar and receive the book "Employment Screening" by John W. Weusthof Integer Enterprise

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