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Background Investigations of New Hires: What To Do If a Minor Infraction Turns Up


August 04, 2009


Employers conducting background investigations on potential employees use credit checks, employment history verification, and even criminal records investigations to help confirm information and ensure that HR is making an informed decision about a potential candidate. But what happens if your “must have” stellar candidate’s investigation turns up with a minor infraction. Also, what is considered “minor.” How do you make the legal decision to abandon the candidate or interview them further.
This audio conference will help employers and hiring managers understand background investigations including several examples of how to deal with “on-the-fence” decisions correctly and lawfully.
Benefits from attending this audio conference include:
  • Overview of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its implication in background investigations.
  • Disclosure of test results or investigation reports and privacy concerns
  • Examples of inappropriate questions or unlawful background investigations
  • Tips and techniques on using an agency to conduct background investigations
  • The EEOC, state laws and the use of crimianl records
  • New studies on how the impact of criminal records recede over time 

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