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Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference

June 13, 2016


Event: 27th Annual Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Global Fraud Conference

Title: Background Checks and Reducing the Insider Threat: Strategies Before and After Hiring

Date/Time: 4A: Monday June 13, 2016 from 1:50 p.m. to 3:05 p.m.

Speaker: Attorney Les Rosen, Founder & CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR)


Recent events have demonstrated the importance of dealing with the insider threat. Despite background checks, there have been well publicized incidents of thefts and threats involving national security as well as workplace violence. This session will examine to how to conduct effective background checks to both try to mitigate a risky hire in the first place, and steps that can be taken post hire to monitor the workforce to reduce the threat of insider risk. This session will cover legally compliant best practices to mitigate risky hires in the first place by understanding available pre-employment tools, such as social media, ID tools and criminal records. The session will also cover how to avoid post-hire issues, such as embezzlement, workplace violence or theft of trade secrets. Employers have also faced embarrassing revelations that an executive falsified their resume, a previously unknown criminal conviction comes to light or an employee commits a new crime. A business that acquires a new workforce during an acquisition or merger may also need to perform checks on the new workers.


Recent events have demonstrated the importance of mitigating the insider threat. Examine how effective and legally compliant background checks can help reduce insider threats both before and after hiring.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what to do when you learn about past criminal offenses, new offenses or falsified credentials of a current employee;
  • Learn the latest legal trends, including the EEOC’s new guidance on the use of arrest and conviction records as well as limitations on the use of credit reports and legal limitation on the use of social media.
  • How to conduct continual screening of current employees;
  • Proper screening procedures for newly-acquired employees in a merger or acquisition;
  • Other tools employers can use post-hire, such as credit reports, assets searches and social media.

Target Audience:

Fraud prevention, security and investigative professionals along with employers and managers.

List of Subjects:

Fraud Awareness, Prevention, Deterrence; Fraud Detection, Investigation, Resolution; Compliance/Risk Assessment; Legal/Ethics



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