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How to Hire Safe, Honest and Qualified Employees.

National webinar

March 10, 2009


Employers that hire someone they either knew, or should have known was dangerous, unfit or unqualified for the work can be sued for negligent hiring. Employers lose 60% of negligent hiring cases, with verdicts averaging about $3 million.

Beyond these courtroom damages, time and money is lost in recruiting, hiring and training someone who does not do the job right, or at all.

In this 90 minute audio conference, hiring expert Les Rosen will share how to implement the policies, practices and procedures to weed out dangerous, questionable, and unqualified candidates. He’ll examine the governing laws, share cost-effective ways to eliminate poor choices, and describe some emerging trends in employment screening.

Learning Points or Questions to be Answered:

- 10 red flags on an employment application—is the candidate already telling you he/she is a bad hire?
- 5 critical questions to ask a candidate in the interview
- 3 key legal issues in conducting background checks
- The major changes in FCRA that impact your background screening
- EEOC provisions you must keep in mind when screening
- Credit reports: Will you violate the EEOC if you use one to disqualify a candidate? And do they actually predict performance problems?
- Should you be conducting international background checks?
- What about ongoing background checks? Are they worth the cost? Are they even legal?
- Guidelines for auditing and documenting background checks

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