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Use of Credit Reports in Employment Background Screening

If you are looking for a job today there is a good chance a background check will be conducted before or shortly after you are hired. Employers conduct background checks to verify the information provided on an application and to conduct due diligence. These background checks protect the employer and volunteer organization in many ways, primarily by making sure the information they were
given on the job application is accurate and that the organization is not hiring someone that is inappropriate for the position. This protects the organization as well as their workers, customers, and sometimes the general public.

The subject of using credit reports in the job application process has been in the news lately. Concern has been raised that when credit reports are part of a background check, the information on the credit report may be used unfairly against the job applicant. This complimentary whitepaper co-written by Attorney Lester Rosen, Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), is intended to assist job applicants in understanding the role that a credit report may play in a background check and to explain the differences between a credit report used in the job application process versus a credit report a lender may see.

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