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Ten Potential Dangers When Using Social Media Background Checks

These days no discussion about employment screening is complete without an analysis of how so-called “social media background checks” can be used for uncovering a treasure trove of information about job candidates. Employers can harvest information from a variety of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as forums, sharing services, and discussion boards. What is overlooked in the rush to use social media background checks is a question that needs to be asked: What are the potential legal risks for employers using the Internet for employment screening?

This complimentary whitepaper co-written by Attorney Lester S. Rosen, founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), and ESR News Blog Editor and Social Media Manager Thomas Ahearn will provide an informative introduction for both employers and recruiters using Internet search engines and social networking sites for employment screening background checks, the possible legal risks faced when conducting such screening, and will finally discuss potential solutions to avoid legal issues.

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