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News Reports about Bank Firing Employee for 40 Year Old Shoplifting Charge Do Not Tell Entire Story

Recent news reports about how an employee of Wells Fargo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was fired after a background check uncovered two 40-year-old shoplifting arrests from 1972 when she was 18 do not tell the entire story, according to one safe hiring expert, since there are two avenues that allow applicants and employees with minor offenses to work at banks. A Wells Fargo spokesman said the 58-year-old woman, who worked in customer service in the Home Mortgage department for five years and received numerous recognition awards, was terminated because Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) law prohibits the bank “from hiring or continuing the employment of any person who we know has a criminal record involving dishonesty or breach of trust.” Continue reading

Background Screening Firm Criticized for Offshoring Jobs and Personal Data of Americans to Foreign Country

A letter published on the website criticizes a U.S.-based background screening firm for laying off local workers in the Ohio area in March of 2012 and “offshoring” both jobs and the personal data of American consumers collected for background checks outside of the country. The full text of the letter, written by Katharine Sarlog, a former employee of the company who was recently laid off, is available by clicking here: Katharine Sarlog letter. Continue reading

Yahoo CEO Education Record Mentioned in Biography Contained Discrepancy in Degree Awarded

In a recent example of the need for businesses to conduct education verifications during background checks, the newly hired Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo!, Scott Thompson, was found to have discrepancies in his educational record after a letter from Third Point LLC, owners of close to 6 percent of Yahoo! shares, pointed out that while numerous biographies and securities filings claimed Thompson held a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science, a “rudimentary Google search” revealed that his degree was in accounting only.  The letter is available here: Third Point letter to Yahoo! (UPDATE: Yahoo! Board of Directors Forms Special Committee to Review CEO Academic Credentials). Continue reading

April 2012 Employment Situation Report Reveals Increase of 115000 Jobs

Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 115,000 jobs in April 2012 due to increases in professional and business services, retail trade, leisure and hospitality, and health care, while the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.2, according to ‘THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — APRIL 2012’ released today by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The April 2012 report will be available at until the May 2012 Employment Situation Report is released on Friday, June 1, 2012. Continue reading

April 2012 ADP National Employment Report Shows Private Sector Added 119000 Jobs

According to the April 2012 ADP National Employment Report® from Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP®), U.S. private sector employment increased by 119,000 jobs from March 2012 to April 2012, with the private service providing sector adding 123,000 jobs during the month. However, employment in the private goods producing sector declined by 4,000 jobs in April 2012. The April 2012 ADP National Employment Report, which marked the twenty-seventh consecutive monthly jobs gain, is available at: Continue reading

Larger Background Screening Companies Continue the Move to Offshore Processing of Background Check Reports

According to a report from the Associated Press (AP), a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) that performs employment screening for businesses will close two offices in South Dakota by the end of the year and move those jobs to new sites in Arizona, India, and the Philippines. The AP reports that the company, one of the largest background screening suppliers in the country, says the closings in Aberdeen, South Dakota and Mitchell, South Dakota are due to restructuring and will affect approximately 140 workers. The AP story is the latest case of a large U.S. background screening company “offshoring” the processing of background checks to foreign countries. Continue reading

Safe Hiring Expert Reviews Negligent Hiring and Background Checks at CAHSAH 2012 Annual Conference

Attorney at Law and safe hiring expert Lester Rosen, founder and CEO of San Francisco, CA area-based background check firm Employment Screening Resources (ESR), will present a session titled ‘Negligent Hiring and Background Checks – Best Practices and Legal Compliance’ on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 from 2:15 PM to 3:45 PM for the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) 2012 Annual Conference at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. For more information about the CAHSAH 2012 Annual Conference, visit Continue reading

Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information CORI Reform Law Provisions Take Effect May 4

On May 4, 2012, many of the new provisions of the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Reform Law, Chapter 256 of the Acts of 2010 signed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick in August of 2010 will take effect. Commonly known as ‘CORI Reform,’ the law changes who will have authorized access to CORI and how CORI will be accessed.  As a result of the CORI Reform, the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) will replace the existing CORI system with a new secure, web-based system called ‘iCORI’ that should be available on May 7, 2012. Continue reading

SHRM Issues Statement on Updated EEOC Enforcement Guidance for Criminal Background Checks

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) — the world’s largest human resources association representing more than 250,000 members in over 140 countries — has issued a statement on the updated Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 issued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on April 25, 2012. The updated Enforcement Guidance from the EEOC, the agency that enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, is available at Continue reading

NAPBS Responds to EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Use of Criminal Background Checks by Employers

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) — ‘The Voice of Screening Professionals’ — has issued a statement in response to the updated Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 issued by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on April 25, 2012. The updated EEOC Guidance is available at Continue reading