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Long Term Unemployment Worse Than Having a Criminal Record for Job Candidates Survey Finds

An anonymous survey of 1,500 recruiters and hiring managers found it was less difficult to place a job candidate with a non-felony criminal record in a new job than a long term unemployed candidate out of work for more than two years. The survey also revealed “job hopping” by younger candidates – defined as leaving a job within one year of being hired – damaged employment prospects more than unemployment or age. For more information, visit: http://www.bullhornreach.com/content/recruiter-survey-results. For an infographic illustrating the findings, please visit: http://bit.ly/PL1p9E. Continue reading

Safe Hiring Manual Author Attorney Lester Rosen Updates Book for New Expanded Second Edition

Attorney Lester Rosen, the Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR) who “wrote the book on background checks,” has authored a new updated and expanded second edition of his comprehensive handbook on background screening, ‘The Safe Hiring Manual – The Complete Guide to Employment Screening Background Checks for Employers, Recruiters, and Jobseekers’ (Facts on Demand Press). The 736 page book, which will be published in October 2012, includes new chapters on the April 2012 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidance on criminal records and social media background checks. For more information and to order the book, visit: http://www.esrcheck.com/SafeHiringManual.php. Continue reading

August 2012 BLS Employment Report Shows 96000 Jobs Added while ADP Employment Report Finds 201000 Jobs Gained

Two employment reports released this week differed noticeably in calculating the number of jobs created in August 2012. ‘THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — AUGUST 2012’ released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported total nonfarm payroll employment in the United States rose by 96,000 jobs while the August 2012 ADP National Employment Report® from Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP®) released Thursday found employment in the U.S. nonfarm private business sector increased by 201,000 jobs. The BLS report is available at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf while the ADP report is available at: http://adpemploymentreport.com/PDF/FINAL_Report_August_12.pdf. Continue reading

Best Companies to Work For in 2012 May Fail to Make Online Job Seekers Feel Welcome at Websites

Many employers ranking among Fortune’s list of ‘2012 Best Companies to Work For’ failed to make job seekers feel welcome at their websites due to needlessly complicated online applications, irrelevant questions, and ignored résumés, according to the results of the annual Mystery Job Seeking survey from staffing industry consulting firm CareerXRoads. The results of the August 2012 survey are available at: http://careerxroads.com/colloquium/files/2012%20Mystery%20Job%20Seeker.pdf. Continue reading

Ohio Law Reforms Collateral Sanctions and Offers Protections for Employers Hiring Job Applicants with Criminal Records

The State of Ohio has passed new laws that will offer protections for employers hiring job applicants with criminal records.  The law, Senate Bill 337, which takes effect September 28, 2012, is an extensive reform of the collateral sanctions that impose employment restrictions and limitations on over 2 million Ohioans with misdemeanor and felony convictions. With SB 337, Ohio joins states such as Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina in offering protections for employers that hire and employ rehabilitated ex-offenders from tort liability for negligent hiring and retention claims. The text of Senate Bill 337 is available at http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=129_SB_337. Continue reading

Ban the Box Act would Prohibit Most Employers from Asking Applicants about Criminal Records until Job Offer

New legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives – H.R. 6220, “Ban the Box Act of 2012” –  would prohibit most employers from asking about or checking a job applicant’s criminal record until after a conditional offer of employment and would “ban the box” that job applicants are asked to mark indicating whether they have a criminal record. Introduced by Representative Hansen Clarke (D-MI), H.R. 6220 would allow employers to check an applicant’s criminal record only if the job duties in question “may involve an unreasonable risk to the safety of specific individuals or to the general public.” The text of the bill is available here: H.R. 6220, “Ban the Box Act of 2012”. Continue reading

July 2012 BLS and ADP Employment Reports Both Show Gain of 163000 Jobs during Month

Total nonfarm payroll employment in the United States rose by 163,000 jobs in July 2012 while the unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons rose slightly to 8.3 percent and 12.8 million respectively, according to ‘THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — JULY 2012’ report released by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The Employment Situation for July 2012 will be available at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf until the Employment Situation for August 2012 is released on Friday, September 7, 2012. Continue reading

Case of Mistaken Identity Shows Why Job Applicants Should Perform Self Background Checks

A report from FOX6 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tells the story about a local woman hired by a department store who suffered from a case of mistaken identity when a criminal background check run on her uncovered a 2006 conviction for battery, a conviction she did not disclose on her job application since the crime was committed by her twin brother who had the same birth date and similar name. The story, which serves as an example why job applicants should be proactive and try to “self” background check themselves to avoid errors, is available at: http://fox6now.com/2012/07/22/broken-records/. Continue reading

June 2012 ADP National Employment Report Shows US Private Sector Increased by 176000 Jobs

The U.S. private sector employment increased by 176,000 jobs from May 2012 to June 2012, with employment in the private service-providing sector rising by 160,000 jobs and employment in the goods-producing sector adding 16,000 jobs during the month, according to the June 2012 ADP National Employment Report® from Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP®). The June 2012 ADP National Employment Report is available at: http://www.adpemploymentreport.com/pdf/FINAL_Report_June_12.pdf. Continue reading

May 2012 Employment Situation Report Shows US Economy Added Only 69000 Jobs

Total nonfarm payroll employment in the U.S. added only 69,000 jobs in May 2012 while the unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent, according to ‘THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — MAY 2012’ released today by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The May 2012 report also revised the change in employment for April 2012 from 115,000 jobs added down to 77,000 jobs and figures for March 2012 were revised from 154,000 jobs added down to 143,000 jobs. The May 2012 Employment Report is available at http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf until the June 2012 Employment Report is released on Friday, July 6, 2012. Continue reading