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Offshoring Personally Identifiable Information Outside of US Increases Concern Over Privacy and Identity Theft

A new California law due to take effect January 1, 2012 – Senate Bill 909 (SB 909) – appears to be one of the first in the nation that addresses the growing concerns over the controversial practice of “offshoring” personally identifiable information (PII) collected during background checks of job applicants by sending the data outside of United States and its territories and beyond the protection of U.S. privacy and identity theft laws. This is Trend Number 9 of the fifth annual Employment Screening Resources (ESR) ‘Top 10 Trends in Background Checks’ for 2012. To view the list of trends, visit http://www.esrcheck.com/ESR-Top-10-Trends-in-Background-Checks-for-2012.php. Continue reading

Social Network Service Facebook Settles Federal Trade Commission Charges over Privacy Practices

According to a news release on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website, social network service Facebook has agreed to settle FTC charges of failing to keep promises of privacy after the company “deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public.” The FTC’s eight-count complaint against Facebook – part of the agency’s ongoing effort to ensure companies live up to the privacy promises they make to American consumers – charged that the claims that Facebook made “were unfair and deceptive and thus violated federal law.” Continue reading

Lawsuit Alleges Offshoring of Call Center Services Outside US by Financial Institution Puts Customer Information at Risk

Alleging that the practice “offshoring” puts the financial information of customers at risk, a consumer class action lawsuit recently filed against the largest bank holding company in the United States (by assets) is challenging the financial industry’s standard business practice of offshore outsourcing – also known as “offshoring” – customer services to call centers located outside of the United States that are staffed with foreign nationals. Continue reading

Part 2 of 2011 ESR Background Check Trends Review: Offshoring PII and Workplace Violence Prevention

The second of five installments of the Employment Screening Resources (ESR) Background Check Trends of 2011 Review features the number eight trend, offshoring Personally Identifiable Information (PII) outside the U.S., and the number seven ranked background check trend of the year, workplace violence prevention. To view previous installments of the ESR Background Check Trends of 2011 Review, visit Part 1.

  • Number 8 ESR Background Check Trend for 2011: Increased Privacy Concerns Over Offshoring of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Number 7 ESR Background Check Trend for 2011: More Workplace Violence Prevention Education Helps Protect Employers and Employees.

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New Data Confirms Trend of Outsourcing Jobs Outside of US with Offshoring Affects Unemployment

Adding to the debate over whether globalization negatively affects the U.S. economy, new data from the U.S. Commerce Department shows that multinational corporations in the United States – familiar big brand-name companies which employ nearly 20 percent of all American workers – reduced their domestic workforce by 2.9 million jobs during the last decade while at the same time increasing their overseas workforce by 2.4 million jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports in the article ‘Big U.S. Firms Shift Hiring Abroad.’ Continue reading