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Should Job Applicants Using Social Media Expect Privacy?

Written By Thomas Ahearn

ESR News Blogs about PrivacyExpectations of privacy rights on social media websites is buttressed by the fact that users must agree to “terms of use” that typically do not allow commercial uses which can include screening job candidates, according to the article Does an Applicant on the Internet Have a “Reasonable Expectation” of Privacy? Part II by Attorney Lester Rosen, Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources® (ESR). The complete article is available on the RecruitingTrends.com at http://www.recruitingtrends.com/thought-leadership/575-idoes-an-applicant-on-the-internet-have-a-reasonable-expectation-of-privacy-part-ii. Continue reading

Employment Screening Resources Releases White Paper on Social Media Background Checks

Written By Thomas Ahearn

Social Media Background ChecksTo help employers understand the possible risks of using social media to screen job applicants, Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) – a nationwide background screening provider accredited by The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) – has released a white paper titled ‘Ten Potential Dangers When Using Social Media Background Checks.’ The complimentary white paper is available for download at http://www.esrcheck.com/Stay-Updated/Download/. Continue reading

Privacy Big Issue when Recruiting Applicants on Internet

Written By Thomas Ahearn

RecruitingPrivacy is a significant issue when using the Internet for recruiting job applicants as more employers rely on social media as a key source from which to acquire talent, according to the article ‘Is Using the Internet to Recruit a Violation of an Applicant’s Privacy? Part I’ on the Recruiting Trends web site by Attorney Lester Rosen, Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources® (ESR). The complete article is available at http://www.recruitingtrends.com/thought-leadership/570-is-using-the-internet-to-recruit-a-violation-of-an-applicant-s-privacy-part-i. Continue reading

Tennessee Passes Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014

Written By Thomas Ahearn

Blogs about PrivacyTennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a password protection law – the “Employee Online Privacy Act of 2014” (S.B. 1808) – which will prevent employers in the state with one or more employees from requiring employees and job applicants to disclose usernames and passwords for their personal internet accounts except under certain circumstances. The full text of this new law, which takes effect January 1, 2015, is available at http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/108/Bill/SB1808.pdf. Continue reading

Louisiana Passes Personal Online Account Privacy Protection Act

Written By Thomas Ahearn

Blogs about PrivacyLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed House Bill 340 (HB 340), the Personal Online Account Privacy Protection Act into law to prohibit employers in the state from requesting or requiring access to the personal online accounts of job applicants or employees effective immediately. The full text of HB 340, the Personal Online Account Privacy Protection Act is available at http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=908152&n=HB340 Act. Continue reading

Using Internet to Screen Applicants has Legal Risks

Written By Thomas Ahearn

Legal Risks & Legal ComplianceTo help employers and recruiters navigate legal risks when screening, Attorney Lester Rosen, CEO of Employment Screening Resources (ESR), will present a webinar with Clear Law Institute titled Legal Risks of Using the Internet to Recruit and Screen Applicants on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 from 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM ET. To register for this event, which has been approved by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) for 1.25 hours of general recertification credit, visit: http://clearlawinstitute.com/legal-risks-of-using-the-internet-to-recruit-and-screen-applicants/. (NOTE: This webinar is rescheduled for July 10, 2014. Click here to learn more.) Continue reading

Social Media Use in Workplace Raises Employment Discrimination Concerns

Written By Thomas Ahearn

home-applicant-generated-report-systemA panel of experts has told the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that the growing use of social media by employers, applicants, and employees in today’s workplace may implicate and impact the federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment that the EEOC enforces. A press release about the Social Media Commission meeting convened at EEOC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to gather information is available at http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/3-12-14.cfm. Continue reading

Social Network Searches Being Used Less for Background Checks and More for Recruiting and Sourcing

While a hot topic in past years has been the use of the internet to help with employee selection through social media background checks, it appears that this trend is fading fast for a number of reasons.  As a result, social network searches will diminish as a tool for background checks but will grow for purposes of recruiting and sourcing as well as employer branding. This is Trend Number Seven of the 7th Annual Employment Screening Resources® (ESR) ‘Top Ten Background Check Trends’ for 2014. For more information about the trends, please visit http://www.esrcheck.com/ESR-Top-Ten-Background-Check-Trends. Continue reading

Safe Hiring Manual Author Lester Rosen Speaks about Hiring Practices and Social Media in Paycor Webinar December 11

Attorney Lester Rosen, author of ‘The Safe Hiring Manual’ and Founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources® (ESR), will speak about hiring practices and social media in a webinar sponsored by leading HR software provider Paycor on Wednesday, December 11 at 2:00 p.m. ET. To register for the webinar, visit: https://paycorsupport.webex.com/paycorsupport/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=717530580. Continue reading

Study Finds Social Media Background Screening by Employers May Discriminate against Job Seekers

The study ‘An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination via Online Social Networks’ by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has found that sharing too much personal information on social networks may lead to hiring discrimination by employers using social media to screen job seekers, according to a story available at http://www.cmu.edu/homepage/computing/2013/fall/too-much-information.shtml. Continue reading