In 2005, ESR produced the first comprehensive book written on safe hiring and background checks, The Safe Hiring Manual, by ESR President, Lester Rosen. ESR is pleased to announce its second book, The Safe Hiring Audit. The new book provides a blueprint to evaluate and improve a company’s hiring procedures. Companies of all sizes can identify potential problems and insure compliant hiring practices. This essential guide provides a step-by-step action plan to evaluate current hiring practices and make changes to strengthen their businesses and avoid potential problems. It was written by Lester Rosen, along with Michael Sankey.

The book:

  • Assesses company procedures in the hiring process
  • Establishes legally defensible practices for dealing with potentially problematic applicants.
  • Provides help for both the small business owners and managers of large corporations.

The Safe Hiring Audit is targeted to employers, business owners, HR professionals, hiring managers, and security professionals – anyone with hiring responsibilities.

The Comprehensive 25 Step Audit Includes –

  • Companywide hiring policies and procedures.
  • Legal compliance and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Using EEOC-compliant employment applications and interviews.
  • Employment and education verification.
  • Access and use of criminal records, and what to do if negative information found.
  • Using other screening tools.
  • Working with Consumer Reporting Agencies.

The Safe Hiring Audit endorses the use of best policies, practices and procedures for hiring, and using professional pre-employment screening companies. It is available from Amazon and the publisher, Facts on Demand Press (