Application forms are available from a number of sources.

The local or state Chamber of Commerce may have forms available.

A firm’s business or labor attorney will normally have a new employee package available with an application form.

Human resources consultants and HR organizations may have forms.

Office supply stores sell basic business forms including application forms (but be careful about some of the points raised in this newsletter).

Books about hiring are available from local book stores and HR associations, such as SHRM, and contain sample forms.

There are firms that specialize in selling employment related forms and products
on the internet.

Many firms design their own employment forms to reflect the particular needs of their firm or industry.

One word of caution — many states have unique rules regarding what can and cannot be on an application. Some of these rules concern what an employer may ask about past criminal convictions. It is beyond the scope of this newsletter to review the requirements for all fifty states. However, an employer is well-advised to consult with a labor attorney for every state they hire within to review the legality of their application forms.