Over the years, we have run into a number of “dumb criminal” stories. Some of our favorites:

  • A guy decides to rob the local liquor store where he has been going every day for the past year.  He uses a paper bag from a grocery store, but forgets to put holes in for the eyes.  During the robbery, he needs to pick the bag up where is seen by the clerk (who, of course, knows him very well).  As he leaves the store with the stolen money and booze, he manages to leave his driver’s license behind for good measure.
  • A criminal decides to defend himself in a theft case.  While cross-examining the victim, he asks. “And what exactly did I say as I was stealing your car?”

There is a website that has been collecting dumb criminal stories since 1999 that makes for interesting reading.  See:  http://www.dumbcriminals.com/

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