ESR President Les Rosen will be presenting a webinar on May 1, 2009 on behalf of Intern Bridge called, “The Use of Search Engines and Social Networking Sites to Screen Candidates: Landmines and Pitfalls.”

Job applicants have long used the internet to research employers. But now, employers are using the internet to research job applicants as well. Employers aren’t only using search engines to find information on applicants but are now examining social networking sites, such as Facebook or MySpace. For job applicants of course, social networking sites are places to interact with peers in any manner they choose. Entries on these sites are typically not meant for employers to view. Employers tell anecdotes of avoiding serious mistakes by using these tools. Conversely, some job applicants feel they have been denied opportunities unfairly by employers or recruiters snooping on social Web sites and viewing materials out of context or Web entries meant just in fun for friends.

This interactive webinar will review this emerging area of recurring and employment law, examining the pros and cons of employers utilizing such tools and the legal landscape. Topics will cover how and why employers utilize these sites. It will then cover a number of legal implications, such as problems with employers obtaining information they should not have and privacy issues. Finally, we will examine approaches that employers and applicants may consider.

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