Employment Screening Resources president Lester Rosen will be speaking at the SHRM Annual Conference on Wednesday, July 1. In addition, the ESR  book – Safe Hiring – will be at the SHRMStore and is currently available on the SHRMStore’s Web site.

See the SHRM blog entry for the SHRM annual at http://blogs.shrm.org/annual-conference-2009/?p=347   
The following is from the SHRM blog:
“Before filling up with Gumbo, Jambalaya and  Red Beans and Rice, you may want to stop my presentation:  “Negligent Hiring Mock Trial Demonstration: HR in the Hot Seat,”  It is set for Wednesday morning, July 1,2009 at 10 to 11:15 am. You will be stepping into a courtroom to witness a re-enactment of a jury trial for negligent hiring where a firm hired the “employee from hell,” resulting in a customer being severely injured.   You will act as the jury as you hear opening statements, testimony from the HR manager who hired the dangerous worker, testimony from  an expert witness, closing arguments  and legal instructions  from the judge.  You will even see a taped “re-enactment” of the attack by the dangerous worker as caught on a “surveillance camera.” 

Of course, a real trial would take  several day, but we can condensed the good parts into our session, leaving plenty of time for audience  “deliberation” on what is due diligence, as well as what HR professional should be thinking about in order to avoid having to testify for real.   

In fact, you can catch a glimpse of what you would see at http://www.backgroundchecktraining.com/Safe-Hiring-Trial-Video.asp

Looking forward to seeing eveyone in New Orleans.