ASIS, the worlds leading secrity orgqanization, reviewed the book by ESR President Lester Rosen, The Safe Hiring Audit.   The book  provides a blueprint to evaluate and improve a company’s hiring procedures. Companies of all sizes can identify potential problems and insure compliant hiring practices.  This guide provides a step-by-step action plan to evaluate current hiring practices and make changes to strengthen their businesses and avoid potential problems.  It is done by means of a 25 point audit.

The ASIS review noted that:

“The book is conveniently written in an “audit” format. Each chapter begins with questions for the reader to answer to determine how the company measures up in terms of legal compliance. At the end of each chapter, each audit question is presented again, the information from the chapter is summarized, and “best practices” are discussed to ensure that the reader understands the material and how to apply it.”

“By the end of the book, the reader will understand why safe hiring is a critical basic business practice. The book’s appendices include a summary of rights under FCRA, information on U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission notices, an application process checklist and worksheet, and descriptions of preemployment tools to aid the hiring process. These resources will undoubtedly be used again and again as readers maintain their own worksheets and checklists.

“This work is an excellent reference for professionals with hiring authority.”


The book is available at: , a web site that contians books, training DVD’s and coures on employment screening and background checks.


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