An excellent article appeared in the Abilene Biz today about the trend for employers to hire temporary workers in these uncertain times. See: The gist of the story is that employers that are uncertain about the future, can lessen their risk by hiring temporary workers.

However, employers need to realize however that just because the worker is on someone else’s payroll does not mean an employer is not responsible for them. For example, if a temporary worker engages in harassment or creates a hostile workplace that is still something the employer needs to deal with. In addition, employers need to clearly understand what type of background checks staffing agencies are doing. An employer cannot assume the temporary agency is performing due diligence or background checks. Background checks are critical to make sure an employer is not exposing their workplace, workers, customers and the public to a worker that is dangerous, unqualified or dishonest. An employer needs to clearly understand what sort of due diligence screening the staffing agency performs, and to require that appropriate background checks are conducted.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is privileged to work with outstanding staffing professionals and recruiters  that take great care of their clients and protect their clients with appropriate background checks. Ask your staffing firm if they work with ESR to perform background checks on the workers they send to your business.