A web site came to our attention that makes outright falsehoods to the public when it comes to criminal records.  It says:


Our 50 State Criminal History Search Is Generated Using Federal, State And County Databases Containing Over 1.2 Billion Criminal Records Which Are 100% Accurate, Reliable And Updated Daily For A Complete Comprehensive Report Containing All Arrests And Convictions Including Felony, Misdemeanor And Sexual Offenders/Predators 

It is unclear whether this site is just ignorant of the facts or is an intentional rip-off but the results are the same-it is a fraud and a scam.  The suggestion that there is a” complete comprehensive report” of all arrests and convictions is a pure nonsense. 

For the real story, see an article on the ESR website called, http://www.esrcheck.com/articles/Criminal_Databases.php 


There are commercially assembled criminal databases that can be helpful to employers when used by a screening firm since it may lead to further courts to search.  However, any suggestion that these databases all by themselves are real background checks is just a ploy to rip-off the unwary. These databases are far from complete, and accurate.  They can falsely label someone a criminal who is not, and can falsely clear someone who in fact has a serious criminal record.   They may contain records that are not legally useable or have been set aside by a court.  Not all jurisdictions are included, and even included jurisdictions do not always update records. 

For more on why these database claims should be ignored, see:  http://www.concernedcras.com/Responsible_Criminal_Databases.htm