In reviewing the Internet, it is clear there are a number of screening firms that advertise their service.  Although there are many excellent screening firms, when doing some digging, it also appears that there are some firms that are  background screening firms in name only.  ESR only does one thing—pre-employment screening background checks.  ESR is not an internet marketing firm in disguise, not a branch of a foreign owned company trying to make money in the U.S. market, not a fake front for some other firm, not a data vendor that views the Internet as a way to sell data for a quick buck, and not a firm that dabbles in employment screening as a side business. We are employment screening experts.  Background screening and risk management are our only business.  Period.

ESR’s take the approach that background screening is a heavily legally regulated, knowledge based professional service that requires a great deal of expertise.  The pre-employment background screening experts at ESR are always there to help.  In selecting a screening firm, employers may want to consider sticking to organizations that have a demonstrated commitment to risk management and helping employers as thier primary mission. If an employer has a question about the ability of a screening firm to do the job, ESR has prepared a 22 question audit that can be sent to a screening firm to determine if they are for real.  See:


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