Background check expert Lester Rosen of Employment Screening Resources (ESR) has provided an in-depth interview, as well as an online presentation, for BankInfoSecuirty, the top reference tool for the Banking Information Security Community.

“Today, hiring on gut instinct isn’t an acceptable practice; there’s simply too much at stake,” Mike D’Agostino, Marketing Manager at Information Security Media Group, stated in a press release from BankInfoSecuirty: “When it comes to hiring best practices, Lester Rosen is definitely the go-to guy as he has qualified and testified in the California and Arkansas Superior Courts as an expert witness on issues surrounding safe hiring and due diligence.” Read the press release at

BankInfoSecuirty is offering the online webinar for on employment screening for banks and financial institutions on the topic of “Avoid Negligent Hiring – Best Practices and Legal Compliance in Background Checks.” Read more about the webinar at

The seminar description is:

All employers have an obligation to exercise a reasonable duty of care in hiring. In addition, many organizations have a legal duty to not employ individuals with certain enumerated criminal records. There are a number of steps that employers can take in the hiring process to reduce their risk when hiring.

First, organizations must carefully review and audit their hiring program, including their application, interview, and past employment checking practices, as well as procedures for performing criminal record checks. In addition, employers need to consider a host of legal considerations when screening applicants, including the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), state laws, Sarbanes-Oxley, and discrimination laws as well as privacy implications.

Topics to be discussed in this session include:

  • The “Parade of Horrible” facing employers that hire without screening, and why background checks are mission-critical for financial instructions;
  • The essential elements of negligent hiring lawsuits, employer defenses and why they are on the rise;
  • Why “gut” instinct is not an effective hiring tool;
  • The essential elements of a screening program;
  • Compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and State laws;
  • The impact of discrimination laws and privacy laws;
  • Best practices for hiring, including the application interview and past employment checking processes;
  • How to legally obtain and utilize criminal records;
  • Issues affecting past employment, education and credentials verification;
  • The use and limitations of credit reports;
  • A brief introduction to international background checks and terrorist screening;
  • The use of the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to screen applicants, and;
  • An introduction to drug testing.

In addition, BankInfoSecuirty has released in both print form and podcast an in-depth interview with Mr. Rosen on employment screening background checks and banks and financial institutions. Community banks and credit unions in particular are addressed in the interview. See:

ESR is pleased to provide risk management services to banks and financial institutions across the U.S., ranging from a household name intuition to outstanding community banks and credit unions.  For more information, see:


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