RecruitingTrends, a leading website for recruitment and talent management by KennedyInfo, has published a column by ESR president Lester Rosen on, “Credit Reports and Employment: Myths and Facts.” 

The article covers myths and reality on credit reports, and is a how-to guide for recruiters and employers on the topic.  It also has helpful information for job applicants. There is a great deal of misinformation on the Internet about credit reports and job hunting. However, job applicants have enough to worry about without having to deal with the stress of misconceptions about credit reports and how it may affect getting a job.  Employers also have questions regarding how to use credit reports effectively and legally. 

Mr. Rosen has been recognized by RecruitingTrends as a thought-leader in the human capital space, and is a regular contributor to the web site.  Mr. Rosen has testified as an expert witness on background checks and employment screening, and has written the first comprehensive book on the topic, “The Safe Hiring Manual.”   

See the column at:


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