Rmployment Screening Resources (ESR)  is giving a webinar on November 18, 2009 on behalf of the Institute of Management and Administration (IOMA).   The details are at http://www.ioma.com/webinars/1320.html?priority=SA05EM8 

Here is the IOMA program description: 

Did you know? If your company hires a dangerous, unqualified, or dishonest candidate and harm occurs on the job, your HR department risks a lawsuit. Your company also runs the risk of lost business and a damaged reputation.

In short, just one bad hiring decision could put your company out of business.

And, while background checks are THE go-to solution to vet potential new hires, the size and scope of the legal, privacy and security concerns surrounding them have all but exploded in the age of Social Networks.

There are concerns and confusion surrounding the use and over-use of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, lawsuits looming over inaccurate background screening reports, and increasing government scrutiny of the screening industry. Regardless, businesses still need to make sure they are not only exercising due diligence but are also staying ahead of the curve on legal issues.

The quickest way to get sued is to not understand the legal environment and latest trends surrounding background checks and employment. Don’t let your company take that risk!

Join us for this critical presentation and learn the legal dos and don’ts of employment screening, background checks and other hot-button hiring issues, such as illegal interview questions and the hidden dangers of using social networking sites.

This 90-minute interactive webinar, featuring Les Rosen, attorney-at-law and founder of Employment Screening Resources, will explore:

  • When a background check can and should be done
  • What needs to be revealed to the applicant (before and after the background check is complete)
  • What critical steps to take if the check comes back positive for criminal, civil, or financial irregularities—and how to use that information properly
  • Which data is appropriate to gather such as school records, credit reports, past employment, and criminal records
  • The pros and cons of utilizing internet sites and how privacy and discrimination laws apply
  • Whether federal and state governments will require more background screening in 2010
  • Why more businesses will make pre-employment background screening a requirement in the hiring process
  • The legal risks associated with “one button” clicks for background checks generated from applicant tracking systems
  • The role consumer privacy will play and why data protection and accuracy are critical
  • The impact government regulations and offshore data processing will have on the demand for background checks
  • The future outlook and probability of lawsuits against both employers and background screening firms 

You’ll also get answers to your toughest questions in the LIVE Q&A session following the presentation. AND, you can invite your entire team, for one low price!


Lester S. Rosen,
Attorney at Law, Employment Screening Resources (ESR)

Mr. Rosen is an attorney and President of Employment Screening Resources (www.ESRcheck.com), a national background screening company located in California. ESR was rated as the top screening firm in the US in the first independent industry study. He is the author of The Safe Hiring Manual–Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists Out of Your Workplace. He is also a consultant, writer and frequent presenter nationwide on pre-employment screening and safe hiring issues. He has qualified and testified in the California and Arkansas Superior Courts as an expert witness on issues surrounding safe hiring and due diligence. His speaking appearances have included numerous national and statewide conferences.


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