A frequently asked question is how the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) got started.  Here is an excellent expert from a blog dated Jun-4-2008 that recounts that history at http://www.zimbio.com/.

Background investigations are one of the most in-demand services provided by private investigators. From pre-employment screening, to tenant checks, to corporate due diligence investigations, the need for comprehensive background screening grows every day. This field can be a very lucrative opportunity for private detectives to build their businesses. However, unfamiliarity with the many laws and regulations in this area can also lead to catastrophy. It is essential for the PI interested in this line of work to fully understand these issues and hold himself to a high professional standard.

Luckily, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners is here to help. This organization is at the forefront of the screening industry, providing its members with the information and resources needed to succeed in this growing field. I asked Larry Lambeth, Chairman of the NAPBS, to discuss how the organization was formed:

“NAPBS began through the efforts of many people. Steve Brownstein, the editor of The Background Investigator  (a newspaper devoted to the screening industry), held the nation’s first screening industry conferences. At a conference in Long Beach, CA in April, 2002, Brownstein encouraged the attendees to think in terms of a national association in order to promote and protect the screening industry. In November, 2002, Brownstein and The Background Investigator sponsored a large national conference in Tampa, Florida, attended by over 175 screening professionals. At this meeting there was widespread support for the formation of an association. A steering committee was formed to act as an interim board to start a background screening association   The members of the interim board were:

Les Rosen, Chairperson
Sandra Burns
Michael Sankey
Bill Brudenell
Charlotte O’Neill
Mike Cool
Jack Wallace

The interim board, along with other interested members of the screening industry, met in Arizona in January, 2003 and again in Washington D.C. in April, 2003 to form the association. The interim Membership and Ethics committee met in Dallas, Texas in the Spring of 2003. In order to provide seed money for the group, in early 2003 a number of screening firms stepped forward and generously donated the necessary funds to launch the association and to retain the services of a professional management firm, IMI Association Executives. A membership drive was held in the last half of 2003, resulting in over 200 members.  Firms that joined before the first election were entitled to use the phrase “Founding Members” with the NAPBS logo.

NAPBS began its first full year of operations with an elected Board of Directors in 2004. On March 29-30, 2004, more than 225 individuals representing over 175 companies converged on Scottsdale, AZ for the inaugural Annual Conference of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. We have close to 700 members in 16 countries now. ”

ESR was pleased that its president, Les Rosen, was voted to be on the first board of directors and selected as the first co-chair of NAPBS.