The second edition of the ASIS International Preemployment Background Screening (PBS) Guideline has been released to the public. ASIS is the preeminent organization for security management professionals worldwide. According to the press release:

The guideline, designated ASIS GDL PBS-2009, is an educational and practical tool that organizations can use as a resource in understanding the reasons for preemployment background screening of job applicants, as well as the legal principles surrounding the issue of preemployment background screening. The PBS guideline can also assist in developing policies and procedures that will enhance an organization’s hiring policy.

ASIS and the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, in an effort to promote shared cooperative interests, collaborated in the revision of the 2006 version of the ASIS Preemployment Background Screening Guideline.

This PBS guideline presents practical information concerning the value of preemployment background screening, the importance of the application form, important legal issues and considerations (such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, privacy issues, state laws, rules and regulations), the key elements of preemployment background screening, the types of information to utilize in verifying the key elements, the use of credit reporting agencies in preemployment background screening, and an appendix of a sample preemployment background screening flow chart.

A number of members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) joined together with security professionals to serve on the committee that updated the Guidelines. ESR is pleased to note that its president, Lester Rosen, had the privilege of serving with this outstanding group of dedicated professionals on the original committee as well as the committee that produced the second edition.

The Guideline is available on the ASIS web site at