A leading recruiting web site, RecruitingBlogs , has released its list of the ten most read blogs posted on its site for 2009.  RecruitingBlogs  is a network that is home to over 20,000 recruiters, HR Professionals and recruiting vendors. 

Employment Screening Resources is pleased to note that a blog posted by its president, Lester Rosen, was on the top ten list. 

The blog dealt with the six biggest applicant lies.  The blog was posted at: http://www.recruitingblogs.com/profiles/blogs/the-six-biggest-applicant-lies 

For the entire list, see:  http://www.recruitingblogs.com/forum/topics/top-read-posts-of-2009-on 

ESR will continue to update its blog at leat twice weekly to fulfill is mission of keeping employers, Human Resources and Security professionals  advised of trends, best practices and legal development.  The purpose of the ESR blog is to be the one place employers need to go to keep on top of critical safe hiring issues.  

Although ESR will at times comment on stories in the news that are relevant, ESR does not simply rehash new stories.  The majority of content on the ESR blog is original content written for employers, Human Resources and Security professionals.  Between the blogs, the whitepapers and resources, the ESR web site is a one source encyclopedia for hiring information.  ESR looks forward to continuing to serve its clients in 2010.