By Les Rosen, Employment Screening Resources

2010 Trends in Screening–Trend Two:

Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a leading national online employment screening background firm, is releasing the ESR “Third Annual Top Ten Trends in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry” for 2010.   This is the SECOND of the ten trends ESR will be tracking in 2010.  The ten trends will be released over the next three weeks:

2.  More lawsuits including class action litigation over accuracy, privacy, and consumer rights: 

News stories in 2009 blasted the screening industry for inaccurate reports, and it appears that lawsuits are on the rise and will continue in 2010.  It is not surprising, since screening has become a large industry, and enough people have been the subject of screening reports that the whole area has come to the attention of plaintiff’s lawyers.  In addition, 2009 saw class action lawsuits for violation of the procedures under the FCRA, and there is every reason to believe that screening firms and employers can expect more of the same.  The bottom line is that a Background Check is a highly legally regulated professional service, and it is important to ensure that a supplier of this service understands the legal framework and, further, approaches the screening process as a professional service, and not just as a data provider.