By Les Rosen, Employment Screening Resources

2010 Trends in Screening – Trend Ten:  International screening will be more prevalent 

Given the mobility of workers backcross international borders, international background checks have presented challenges for employers. There are 192 countries in the world (using the United Nations membership list). That means that there is a great deal to keep track of. Every country of course has its own system and rules. Added to that are international data and privacy protection issues. In the past. Some employers have avoided international background checks due to the perceived difficulty. Due to the number of resources now readily available, an employer that fails to include an international dimension to their screening could well find that they are not exercising due diligence in hiring when it come to applicants that have spend time outside of the United States. 

However, international screening is more complicated then domestic U.S. screening. The complications are compounded by the fact that different screening organizations are giving information to employers that appears to be contradictory. Some firms say certain countries do not have criminal records available, while another firm may disagree. Some firms say that a special release is needed whereas other firms indicate that for a number of countries that no additional releases are needed beyond what the applicants normally signs. In this age of information, it is odd that there is still uncertainty as to exactly what criminal records are available from each country, and the nature and coverage of the records, such as whether the record is just for a particular court, city or state (or province), or nationwide. This coming year could well see the emergence of generally agreed upon best practices for international criminal checks.

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(Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a leading national online employment screening background firm, is releasing the ESR Third Annual Top Ten Trends in the Pre-Employment Background Screening Industry for 2010. This is the Tenth of the ten trends ESR will be tracking in 2010.)