By Les Rosen, Employment Screening Resources

In a previous blog, Employment Screening Resources recounted how its president’s own dog, a Border Collie named Gypsy Rose, received a college degree complete with very genuine looking transcripts in 2005  ( 

As noted in the blog, “the author’s dog received a very genuine-looking diploma in business administration in 2005 purportedly issued by the University of Arizona through an online diploma-selling service.  (The author picked on the University of Arizona only because a family member was attending Arizona State.  Since the author is a UCLA alumni, the author considered getting his dog a diploma from USC as well, which was also an option.)” 

There have been a number of request to actually view the fake documents.  Keep in mind that the actual diploma is on parchment and the transcripts are on special paper as well. 

Here is the diploma issued, to Gypsy Rose Lee, a Border Collie, in 2005.

The accomplishment is all the more impressive since Gypsy Rose had passed away long before she supposed attended college.  Although Border Collies are among the smartest breeds, it is doubtful that she could in fact have received a college degree.  

Here are the fake transcripts. 

She only received a B in US History to 1877, which is disappointing considering how smart Border Collies are. 

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