By Jared Callahan, Employment Screening Resources

Employment Screening Resources, a leading international employment screening background checking firm headquartered in the San Francisco area, announced that its president, Lester Rosen, will be presenting a national webinar on Tuesday, March 23, 2010  on Screening Applicants Using Social Networking Sites: Legal or Liability?

The webinar is sponsored by Lorman Education Services, providing concise, accurate and timely information seminars to keep businesses, and the professionals who serve them, current in the rapidly changing regulatory environment. The webinar information is at: 

This teleconference will review this emerging area of employment law, examining the pros and cons of employers utilizing such tools and the legal landscape. Topics will cover how and why employers and recruiters utilize these sites. It will then cover a number of legal implications, such as problems with employers obtaining information they should not have and privacy issues. Finally, it will examine approaches that employers, recruiters and applicants may consider.

“The use of the Internet and social networking sites has become a critical topic for employers in selecting the best candidates,” commented Rosen. “This Lorman seminar will help employers exercise due diligence and recognize and try to minimize their risks when using online tools.”

Mr. Rosen, who is also an attorney, is a nationally recognized expert on employment screening background checks.  He is a writer and speaker on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), pre-employment screening, and safe hiring issues. In addition, Mr. Rosen is the author of the first comprehensive book on employment screening, “The Safe Hiring Manual Complete Guide to Keeping Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists Out of Your Workplace.” He also wrote, “The Safe Hiring Audit.”

Mr. Rosen’s speaking appearances have included numerous national and statewide conferences.  He has testified in the California, Florida,  and Arkansas Superior Courts as an expert witness on issues surrounding safe hiring and due diligence. Mr. Rosen was the chairperson of the steering committee that founded the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the professional trade organization for the screening industry, and served as its first co-chairman in 2004.

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