By Jared Callahan, Employment Screening Resources

Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a leading national employment screening firm based in the San Francisco area, announced today that free tools available at the ESR Resources Center to help employers hire safe, honest, and qualified applicants.

The ESR Resources Center provides employers with “All Things Background Checks.”   Employers can find among other tools:

  • A free web based interview guide generator to help employers build printed interview forms for any position. The tool allows employers to select from generic interview questions, or to create their own questions, and then create a printed form that can be saved or modified in order to conduct structured and consistent interviews.
  • The tools necessary for an employer to determine if a school is legitimate or a diploma mill.
  • An internal safe hiring audit that employers can use to measure the effectiveness of their hiring programs.
  • A summary of the letters issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that interprets federal law controlling background checks. 

The features are part of a commitment to provide a centralized location for employers to keep current on the critical task of hiring a workforce that is safe, qualified, and honest.  The site also allows Employers, Human Resources Leaders, Security Professionals, Recruiters, and Job Applicants to locate resources on employee screening in one place and to keep current on evolving issues affecting hiring.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is the firm that literally wrote the book on background checks, The Safe Hiring Manual, and provides pre-employment screening services and drug testing internationally.  The firm specializes in legal compliance expertise and industry leading technology, service, accuracy, and turnaround.

“Background screening is a critical part of the process in identifying the best employees and with these tools on the ESR Resource Center, employers are empowered to select the best candidates,” commented Jared Callahan, Director of Marketing, and a national speaker on topics related to safe hiring.  “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide these free tools to employers and consumers.” 

About Employment Screening Resources: Employment Screening Resources (ESR)  is a safe hiring partner and provides REAL background checks, not cheap database shortcuts or off-shoring that endangers privacy. ESR specializes in legal compliance and provides industry leading technology, service, accuracy, and turnaround.  For additional information, contact Jared Callahan by calling 415-898-0044 or emailing [email protected].