by Thomas Ahearn, ESR Staff Writer

When asked if they would be ‘more or less likely’ to frequent a business displaying an E-Verify sticker ensuring that it uses the government’s employment eligibility verification system, a vast majority of respondents – 86 percent – said they would be ‘more likely’ to frequent such a business, according to an online poll from a leading Southern California newspaper.

The poll from the Orange County Register came about after the San Juan Capistrano (CA) City Council decided not to issue identifying stickers to businesses that use E-Verify – an Internet-based electronic employment eligibility verification system run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – to screen potential employees for illegal immigrants and make sure all workers are legally eligible to work in the United States as required by federal law. asked in a poll posted from April 26 to May 11: “Would you be more or less likely to frequent a business displaying an E-Verify sticker?” The results were:

  • More likely to frequent a business displaying an E-Verify sticker: 86%
  • Less likely to frequent a business displaying an E-Verify sticker: 11%
  • The remainder of the respondents said ‘No effect’

According to a related article in the OC Register, the Mayor of San Juan Capistrano had proposed city-issued E-Verify stickers for businesses using the employment eligibility verification system, and those renewing their business licenses with the city could check a box on the license application promising to screen employees through E-Verify.

Council members who opposed the idea said the E-Verify stickers could cause a stigma for non-participating businesses and could lead to a city mandate requiring them to use the E-Verify stickers, the OC Register reported. Currently the city government and 20 businesses use the E-Verify electronic employment eligibility verification system.

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