By Thomas Ahearn, ESR Staff Writer

Job applicants need all the information they can get on the subjects of credit reports and background checks, especially when credit report checks by some employers for certain job positions during employment background checks could mean the difference in finding work.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR), a leading national pre-employment screening firm based in the San Francisco area, has made available – at no charge – resources aimed at job applicants concerned about background checks and credit reports. The information, which can help job applicants navigate the background check process and maximize their chance at employment, is available on ESR’s Applicant Resources page at:

As reported earlier on ESR, the use of credit reports during pre-employment background checks has become a controversial issue. Currently, a federal bill – an amendment to the ‘Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010’ – seeks to ban credit report checks for most employment screening. In addition, three states – Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon – currently have restrictions on an employer’s use of credit reports in making employment-related decisions.

Consumers and job applicants concerned about background checks and credit reports may now find information that includes special reports, articles, and links on such topics as:

  • Consumer rights when it comes to background checks;
  • How to deal with credit reports, and;
  • How consumers with criminal records can get back into the workforce.    

“As a Consumer Reporting Agency, part of the ESR mission is to help consumers by providing the most accurate reports possible and to give consumers information on how the process works,” says Jared Callahan, Director of Client Relations at ESR and a national speaker on topics related to background checks.   “We are pleased to provide job applicants with information about their rights with respect to background checks in order to help consumers cope effectively with the process and to maximize the opportunity to gain employment.”

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) – the firm that literally wrote the book on background checks, “The Safe Hiring Manual” – provides background checks that do not engage in cheap database shortcuts or off-shoring that endangers privacy. ESR will also soon be launching (, a website that allows job applicants to perform their own professional verifications and employment background checks while also helping employers save time and money hiring qualified employees.

For more information credit reports and background checks, please visit Employment Screening Resources (ESR) at or contact Jared Callahan at  [email protected].