By Thomas Ahearn, ESR NEWS Staff Writer

According to a report on, (The Daily News Online), officials in Lewis County, Washington have approved a resolution requiring all contractors hired by the county for $100,000 or above to verify the employment eligibility of their workers through the government’s E-Verify Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification system.

E-Verify — a free, Internet-based system used to determine if employees are legally eligible to work in the county — compares the names of workers with their Social Security numbers and verifies information on the Employment Eligibility Verification forms (I-9 forms) employees must fill out against Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) databases. reports that Lewis County was already using E-Verify for contractors paid with federal funding, as mandated by a federal ruling, and also that the county auditor recently began using E-Verify to check the citizenship status of new county workers.

However, some critics felt the $100,000 threshold mandating E-Verify usage was too high, saying contractors using illegal workers would still be able to bid up to $99,999 on county projects without having to use the E-Verify Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification system, reported.

With over 200,000 employers currently using E-Verify and many believing that E-Verify should be mandatory, E-Verify Designated Agents are helping businesses with in the employment eligibility verification process. Employment Screening Resources (ESR) — a leading national background check provider and authorized E-Verify Designated Agent — can help employers virtually eliminate errors, improve the accuracy of their reporting, protect jobs for authorized workers, and help maintain a legal workforce.

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