By Thomas Ahearn, ESR News Blog

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released several newly revised E-Verify publications – including the popular E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors (M-574) and E-Verify User Manual for Employers (M-775) – that offer instructions for using E-Verify, an Internet-based system that assists employers with electronic employment eligibility verification of new hires and existing employees.  

Overseen by USCIS and the Social Security Administration (SSA), E-Verify is an online verification system that is used along with the Employment Elgibility Verification Form, or Form I-9, to allow employers to check if an employee is legally eligible to work in the United States. The new E-Verify manuals – while providing instructions on how to enroll in the E-Verify system, verify a work force, and steps to take after receiving a USCIS non-confirmation notification regarding an employee’s employment eligibility – also reflect recent changes to the E-Verify website and offer additional clarification:

  • Updates in the ‘M-775 E-Verify User Manual for Employers’ (September 2010) include guidance on determining an employee’s “Hire Date” for E-Verify – which determines the timing requirements for when employers are expected to complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 and E-Verify – and new Error Checking capabilities such as the unexpired document requirement.
  • Updates in the ‘M-574 E-Verify User Manual for Federal Contractors’ (September 2010) include guidance on the new E-Verify interface, FAQs, and instructions for federal contractors required to register for E-Verify due to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) E-Verify clause in their contract.

To download the M-775 or the M-574 documents, visit the ‘E-Verify Publications: Manuals and Guides’ page on the USCIS website at

USCIS has also released a new ‘M-776 E-Verify User Manual for E-Verify Employer Agents’ since employers may choose to have a Designated E-Verify Employer Agent assist them in maintaining compliance in the E-Verify electronic employment eligibility process.

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