By Thomas Ahearn, ESR News Blog

Saginaw County, Michigan appears poised to join the growing “Ban the Box” movement by voting to remove questions – and the box to be checked when answering – regarding criminal pasts of job applicants on county government employment applications.

As reported in stories on, the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners Labor Relations Subcommittee voted to remove questions concerning an applicant’s criminal background history from Saginaw County government job applications, though the panel also determined that the county would still be able to conduct criminal background checks on job applicants after an interview and before a final job offer is made.

The move to “ban the box” and strike questions about criminal charges from government job applications won’t take effect unless the Board of Commissioners votes to go along with the recommendation. If the Board of Commissioners follows the Labor Relation Subcommittee’s endorsement, the county would also eliminate a question asking if a job applicant faces pending felony charges.

As reported previously on the ESR News Blog, an increasing number of cities have decided to “ban the box” and remove questions on job applications asking about criminal records. More recently, employers in Massachusetts will no longer be able to ask about convictions on “initial” job applications because of new legislation that took effect November 4, 2010 prohibiting employers from asking questions on initial written job applications about criminal offender record information that includes criminal charges, arrests, and incarceration.

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