The President of popular online dating service will appear in a Los Angeles court next week to testify in the case of a woman who suffered an alleged sexual assault by a man she met on the website, a woman who then called for to institute background checks on users in a lawsuit, according to a report on

The court date on Monday deals with an injunction hearing prohibiting from accepting new users until the company implements a background check program, which the company has promised to do in 60-90 days, the reports.

The woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted had filed a lawsuit against asking that the website start running background checks on members using sexual offender databases since her alleged assailant had previously been charged for sex crimes.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) News reported details of this story earlier in the blogs “Woman Sues Popular Online Dating Website over Alleged Sexual Assault and Asks for Background Screening of Members” and “Popular Online Dating Service to Background Check Potential Members using Sex Offender Database.”

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