With two hundred San Francisco Superior Court employees – more than 40 percent of the staff – due to be laid off September 30 because of a lack of state funding, the Court’s presiding judge said in a news conference that reduced office hours for court clerks will make obtaining information more difficult and it could take months to get a copy of a criminal or civil court record, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Along with the months-long delay to obtain court records, Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein said it would take hours to pay a traffic ticket, at least a year and a half to get a divorce, and only criminal cases would go to trial with only a few exceptions that include Family law cases. Civil cases and lawsuits would face delays in going to trial since the San Francisco Superior Court is expected to be one of the hardest hit in the state.

The Chronicle reports that California’s judicial system, the largest in the nation, will be deeply affected by the newly-approved state budget, with cuts of $350 million in operations and $310 million in a courthouse construction fund once be tapped for emergencies. Already facing a $13.75 million deficit in an $88 million budget, the San Francisco Superior Court plans to close 25 of its 63 courtrooms in the Civic Center courthouse on October 3.

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