Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the CareerBuilder annual survey on office romance has found that 38 percent – nearly two in five – of U.S. workers have dated someone working for the same company and 16 percent said they dated co-workers more than once. More information about this survey is available in the press release ‘Thirty-Eight Percent of Workers Have Dated a Co-Worker, Finds CareerBuilder Survey.’

Other key findings of this national survey of more than 3,000 full-time private sector workers conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder include:

  • Of the people who dated someone from the office, nearly one-third – 31 percent – ended up marrying their office sweetheart.
  • One in five – 20 percent – of workers who dated someone at the office also admitted that at least one person in the relationship was married at the time.
  • Nearly one quarter – 24 percent – of workers who have dated a co-worker said their office sweetheart was higher up in the organization, including the boss.
  • Only 3 percent of workers who have had an office relationship said the relationship helped them progress in their career.

The survey revealed the most romantic industries, as some industries experienced more office romances than others:

  • Leisure and Hospitality (57 percent)
  • Utilities (51 percent)
  • Information Technology (46 percent)
  • Transportation (42 percent)
  • Financial Services (38 percent)
  • Retail (35 percent)
  • Manufacturing (35 percent)
  • Healthcare (32 percent)
  • Business Services (26 percent)

The survey revealed that office romances most often start with co-workers running into each other outside of work or at a happy hour. Other situations leading to romance include late nights at work, having lunch together, and love at first sight. While most workers were open about dating co-workers, nearly two in five – 39 percent – said they had to keep their relationship with a co-worker a secret.

The survey also offers the following tips for navigating a workplace romance:

  • ‘Check the Company Handbook’ since some companies have strict policies about office romances.
  • ‘Proceed with Caution’ because while some romances lead into marriage, others could lead into disaster.
  • ‘Compartmentalize’ to keep work life separate from home life.
  • ‘Think Before You Post’ on social media about the relationship.

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