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Written By Thomas Ahearn

Fake DegreesPakistan International Airlines (PIA) has fired 300 employees for holding fake degrees according to the corporation’s rules and regulations. A report from the Dawn Media Group about the firings is available on the website at

Dawn Media Group reports a PIA spokesperson said in a statement that “the national carrier has been vigorously pursuing the issue of credential verifications of its employees” and that the “gigantic task of verification of credentials of around 16,000 employees” was started in October 2013.

Dawn Media Group reports the spokesperson said that of more than 6,000 degrees that have been received so far 350 fake degrees were uncovered. Out of those 350 fake degrees, 300 employees were terminated while remaining 50 cases await further action.

The verification process searching for fake degrees is ongoing and encompasses all categories and groups of employees without any discrimination. More than 30,000 degrees have been dispatched to educational institutions for verification so far, Dawn Media Group reports.

Fake Degrees Show Need for Education Verifications

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