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A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted in 2011 a Mesa, Arizona hotel by a hotel employee who used his master key to access her room is trying to enact some change in the hiring practices of hotels including requiring “consistent and thorough background checks,” according to a story posted on reports the woman’s attorneys claim another woman suffered “a similar assault” at a different Mesa hotel by same individual. The accused man was fired after the first alleged attack and hired for a job at the other hotel despite being a registered sex offender in Arizona for a crime he was convicted of in Illinois. He has denied the assault allegations and has not been charged in either case. also reports the woman, her attorneys, and some state legislators believe the hotels should not have given a registered sex offender he access to master keys and want that to “enact a change in the way hiring is done at hotels in Arizona including requiring consistent and thorough background checks.” Background checks are currently left up to individual hotel companies. Some perform background checks and some do not.

According to, two Arizona state lawmakers – Senator Katie Hobbs (D-Phoenix) and Representative T.J. Shope (R-Coolidge) – will work with the hotel industry to try and come up with some sort of legislation for background checks. One attorney for the woman said he hopes the new law “will require hotels to perform background checks on those individuals that have access to sensitive information, keys to people’s rooms and those kinds of things.”




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