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Written By ESR News Blog Editor Thomas Ahearn

The City of Roanoke, Virginia has agreed to Ban the Box and will implement a policy to remove the question about the criminal history of job applicants from initial applications for most job openings with the city “by January of next year,” according to a report from WDBJ7 available at

WDBJ7 reports the City of Roanoke offered jobs to 15 people with criminal records in 2013 and the new Ban the Box policy should help job applicants with criminal records get a second chance at employment. While the new Ban the Box policy only applies to Roanoke’s hiring process and not private businesses, WDBJ7 reports that “city leaders are hoping other employers will follow their lead.”

WDBJ7 reports the City of Roanoke’s new Ban the Box policy will not prevent the city from considering the criminal history of job applicants during the hiring process and that the city will still conduct a criminal background check before any applicant is hired. However, the question about criminal history will not be on the initial application.

The Ban the Box movement is rapidly spreading across the United States. According to a Ban the Box Guide from the National Employment Law Project (NELP), nearly 70 U.S. cities and counties as well as 13 states have passed Ban the Box legislation. More information about Ban the Box from NELP is available at


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